GUITARBOY smallDo you feel a call from God to write songs, but struggle with the confidence to really step out to do it? Do you fear you’re not “good enough” or don’t have enough musical skills to write great songs? Do you struggle to find good song ideas, or get song “starts” but can’t finish them? If you dare show your songs to others, do they have a less-than-enthusiastic reaction and change the subject as quickly as possible? Or, are you afraid to let others hear your songs for fear they’ll laugh or reject you?

Are you stalled out creatively? You sit down to write and NOTHING happens?

Have you been writing songs for years and feel stuck in the same lyrics, the same chords, the same old melodies and long for a creative boost that will reignite your passion for songwriting? Have you had a taste of what it means for people to love your songs, but know you need more to take your writing to a higher level of impact?

Are you a worship leader in a church and you want to write great songs like In Christ Alone, 10,000 Reasons, or Holy Spirit, but the congregation isn’t responding the way you know you want them to, and you’re frustrated because you know God wants you to write great worship songs to use?

Are you wondering if you’ll ever write a good song? Wondering if you’ll ever be heard and feel like giving up?

If any of that sounds like you, you might be ready for some powerful one-on-one song coaching.

Imagine what it would be like to:

Write winning titles and hooks every time

Breeze through lyrics and know exactly how they work to make a great song

Start and FINISH great songs easily and as often as you’d like

Tap into fresh creativity and inspiration to write the best songs you’ve ever written

Go from average to amazing and start having the impact you really want to have

Hear thousands of people singing YOUR songs and loving them

Feel the deep satisfaction of really fulfilling your call to write

Gain confidence in writing compelling lyrics and melodies that really move people

Add to your songwriting skill set proven methods and tools to get immediate results

Become fully empowered to write amazing songs for the rest of your life

Transform your sense of failure into powerful victories and change your life forever

“John Chisum has worked with the best. He understands from the inside out what makes a song true, what makes it work, and what makes it great. Run, don’t walk to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!” — Dave Williamson; Arranger, Producer, and Author of God’s Singers

“John Chisum has a knack for teaching the ins and out of effective songwriting.” — Joel Lindsey/Dove Award-Winning Songwriter

“John’s experience as both a songwriter and mentor has garnered him a platform few seldom achieve. For the songwriter desiring to better their skills, gaining time with John Chisum will be time well spent!”— Luke Gambill/Brentwood-Benson Music

“John Chisum is my friend.  He is also an accomplished songwriter, worship leader, recording artist and teacher.  God is using him to inspire and mentor Christian musicians around the world.  The University of Mobile worship students and faculty are blessed to host him as a very special guest!”— Dr. Roger Breland, Vice-President, School of Music/University of Mobile

“John Chisum has helped us to balance on the fine line between lyrical depth, relevance, and marketability. He has encouraged us tremendously while challenging us to dig deeper and take more risks to be the best songwriters we can be!”     — Drakeford/Singer-Songwriters

While coaching isn’t for every writer, if you feel like this is YOUR time to take bold, decisive action to becoming the songwriter and effective communicator you want to be, and you’re ready to invest what it takes to get there, I have set aside for you a 30-minute breakthrough strategy call to help you accomplish the next important milestone you need. This is NOT for casual inquirers, but only for those READY to get the quality coaching you need to become a great songwriter. If this is you, click the scheduling link here