DARLENE ZSCHECH: 25 Years After “Shout to the Lord”

In this episode, host John Chisum sits down with Darlene Zschech, iconic Australian songwriter of “Shout to the Lord,” a song introduced in 1993 that is still sung weekly by millions of people worldwide. In this powerful interview, Darlene shares how “Shout to the Lord” came to her during a time of trial and why she feels she can take no credit for the song, how it passed through her, and personal stories of how God has used it in her life. Darlene is a dedicated wife, mum, author, songwriter, and together with her husband Mark, pastor to thousands of believers through Hope Unlimited Church, now in 11 cities internationally, with a church planting and relief organization called Hope: Global (https://hopeglobal.org/) serving thousands of people in the neediest areas of the world.

0:00 The impact of Shout to The Lord

3:01 John asks Darlene: So all these years later, what would you say to the shy young Darlene, maybe really about ministry and leadership… What would you say to her?

6:00 “I want to be invisible here while I, you know, just give glory to God. And if he allows me the privilege of having any influence, that is a great privilege. But actually my goal is that He be seen and He’d be known and His presence being counted”

10:00 Recording Way Maker

15:05 Early days of Hope Unlimited Church and how God has grown the ministry to have a lasting global impact

23:30 “If someone had told me pastoring, a church could be this much fun. I would have done it long time before.”

28:42 John asks, “you’ve described your life as just a series of yeses. What are you saying yes to right now? And what might you be saying no to?”

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    May God bless u

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