CHRIS MCCLARNEY: Leading the World in Worship

“When we are writing songs that connect people to God, part of that process is pushing fear out of the way”

In episode 70, John sits down with Worship Leader and Songwriter, Chris McClarney. Chris grew up in the church as the son of a Youth Pastor and met Jesus at a very young age. When he was 14, he began leading worship for a small group, which led to full-time ministry in local churches and inner-city ministries across Nashville.

“My personal style of leading worship is seeking moments, as opposed to just playing songs really well”

Chris’ powerful worship anthem “Your Love Never Fails” has become one of the most popular songs in America’s churches as reported in the Top 25 of CCLI and a #1 song on the Billboard Christian Chart. Chris then partnered with Jesus Culture Music and recorded his debut live album “Everything and Nothing Less.” This powerful live album featured songs recorded live at the 2015 Jesus Culture Sacramento Conference.

“I write a lot of bad songs, but every now and then, I write a song that people like”

Since that time, Chris has released more music and just released his new album titled “Breakthrough.” He currently serves as Worship Pastor at Church of the City in Franklin, TN while touring with Jesus Culture and others to lead the world in Worship through powerful songs and intentional moments.

Find out more about Chris and download his new album at https://chrismcclarneymusic.com/

Some topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction // Chris McClarney – 2:12
  • Hearing Ten Thousand People Sing Your Songs – 6:45
  • Chris’ Start as a Worship Leader – 8:50
  • How Chris Stays Grounded – 13:38
  • The Weight of the Call – 20:46
  • Spontaneity in Worship – 23:32
  • Removing the Barriers of Comparison – 26:50
  • The Vision behind the New Record “Breakthrough” – 31:10
  • Chris’ Songwriting Process – 36:55
  • Learning From Your Mistakes and Train Wrecks – 43:45
  • Wrap Up – 48:02

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