MIKE WEAVER: Big Daddy Weave Finding Beauty in the Ashes

Mike Weaver is one of the most recognizable and loved voices in Christian music. The success of the band on Christian radio is deeply appreciated, as you will hear in the first part of a fantastic two-part interview.  Discover how ministry to their listeners is front and center for this southern rocker and his dedicated teammates. 

Mike Weaver, his brother, and their band have suffered what seems like an overload of tragedy the last two years, yet the light of their ministry and the hope they bring through their music is burning brighter than ever.

You’ll not only be entertained through this episode, but moved to tears as Mike shares from his heart the ups and downs, tragedies and triumphs of the real life stories that have brought the ministry of Big Daddy Weave to mean so much to so many.

NCS President, John Chisum, is joined in the studio by co-host, Tina Keil, for an intro to this very special episode. Thanks for listening and we hope you will share it on your social media to spread the love.

Show notes:

* The heart of Big Daddy Weave (4:31)
* Big Daddy Weave’s story of brokenness and redemption (7:38)
* Mike’s music influences (13:04)
* The biggest challenge Mike has faced (18:39)
* The process of redemption and growth (21:57)

Mentioned in this episode:
Don Moen
Paul Baloche
Paul Wilbur
Operation Restored Warrior

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