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Songwriting Tips from Journey’s Jonathan Cain

The piano intro of Journey’s mega-hit Don’t Stop Believin’, co-written and performed by Jonathan Cain, stands as one of the most iconic musical motifs in all of rock ‘n roll history. Cain’s own journey through over 40 years of music to date is epic, too, having written monster hits like “Faithfully,”

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Three Ways to Write a New Song

Are you looking for some fresh insights and inspiration fro your songwriting? Do you get bored playing the same three chords on your acoustic and long for something fresh? Here are three ways I’ve been inspired to write fresh new songs while listening to music! Actually, I get a lot

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4 Songwriting Secrets You Need to Know

Okay, yes, I know… God gave you a song and you just don’t know what to do with it or how to “get it out there” to the world. You’ve got lots of questions and wonder about copyrights and studios and “getting published.” Well, believe me, among the myriad things

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