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10 Benefits of Coaching & Mentorship for Songwriting Success

Do you ever feel like you’ve got great songs locked up inside you with no way to get them out? Are you missing key songwriting skills and wondering how to get your songs out there? Maybe it’s time you considered these 10 benefits of coaching & mentorship for songwriting success.

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Song Ideas – Five Ways to Develop Great Songs

Songwriting Ideas Where do great song ideas come from? Are they crouching behind bushes just out of sight like crafty little leprechauns or hidden under rocks like salamanders waiting for you to turn them over to discover them buried there? Actually, neither is the case. While it may seem like

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How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

Ever feel like you’re being too hard on yourself? Afraid to show your songs to anyone because of the possibility they won’t like them? Do you hear yourself saying things like, “I’m really hard on myself,” or, “I’m always my own worst critic?” Well, great news! Here are three ways

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