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3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Songwriting Motivation

I recently subscribed to an app called WeCroak. It’s website says, “The WeCroak app is inspired by a Bhutanese folk saying: to be a happy person, one must contemplate death five times daily.” So, as promised, five times each day I receive a reminder of my eventual demise in the form

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Carrie Alexander pic

Carrie Brooklyn Alexander Named NCS Songwriter of the Month

Carrie Brooklyn Alexander Named NCS Songwriter of the Month A Northern Ireland singer-songwriter and worship leader, Carrie Brooklyn Alexander, has been named NCS Songwriter of the Month. Alexander, a resident of Armagh, NI, is writing and releasing her own music, as are many aspiring Christian artists. But Carrie is also

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Nigel Cato Named NCS Songwriter of the Month

NCS Songwriter of the Month “Kiwi” Social Science teacher and songwriter, Nigel Cato, loves songs about the cross, the blood of Christ, and redemption. Sensing a deep call to help believers grasp more of the finished work of Christ, he has written songs rich in theology at the Church of

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Five Common Songwriting Mistakes to Avoid

Do you ever feel like the gears are slipping and you’re just NOT getting anywhere with your songwriting? Hey, I get it. Been there… bought the t-shirt, the bumper sticker, and the fridge magnet. It’s not fun to feel like you’re not getting where you want to go, but sometimes

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Tim Stewart Named NCS Songwriter of the Month

Tim StewartNCS Songwriter of the Month From Suicidal to Singing God’s Praises Again There was a moment in Tim Stewart’s life in which suicide seemed a viable option. Experiencing bouts of depression brought on by stress and personal crisis, taking his own life was a temptation only broken through worship

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Writing Your Best Songs Now

Can’t finish your songs? Unsure how to connect with listeners? Here’s how you can start writing your best songs now! Writing Your Best Songs Now If you’re struggling to find great ideas or finish your songs, odds are it’s not a lack of inspiration. Being a Christian songwriter means you’re

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Meredith Andrews

MEREDITH ANDREWS: Worship in a World on Fire

Meredith Andrews sang her first song on stage at age six. Since that time, she has helped define an entire worship movement and become a much-loved CCM Artist with hits like “Not for a Moment” and “How Great Is the Love.”  Meredith is a multiple Dove Award winner and has

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Musical instruments with "Our Best Songwriting Tips for 2021"

Our Best Songwriting Tips for 2021

With 2020 slowly fading in the rearview mirror, it’s time to turn our focus to the opportunities God is bringing us in this New Year. We thought some fresh songwriting tips might be just the ticket for you to get things off to a great start! The global hardships, pandemics,

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