SHALOM MUKAMURI: Zimbabwe Singer-Songwriter Making US Debut

Every now and then a very unique voice comes along that cannot be ignored. Such is the voice of aspiring songwriter and artist, Shalom Mukamuri, an international transplant from Zimbabwe with a heart for Jesus and the talent to match it.

Shalom’s distinctive vocals and fresh song approaches are already capturing the attention of the Nashville music community. A unique blend of his African heritage and global pop, Shalom’s desire for racial reconciliation, his hunger to lead others in worship, and our need for personal wholeness as believers are unmistakable themes flowing from this millennial artist.

In this episode, John Chisum explores Shalom’s call to global music and his struggle to develop world-class songs that can break through the crowded marketplace. If you’re an aspiring songwriter, artist, or singer-songwriter, you’re going to love hearing the real time process Shalom is involved in as he seeks to fulfill his calling.


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