Girl Power, Bullying, Songwriting, and Life After The New Mickey Mouse Club with Jennifer McGill

July 1, 2017

Jennifer McGill was an international Disney star at age 11. As part of the cast of The All New Mickey Mouse Club for seven seasons with cast members such as Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, and Brittany Spears, Jennifer was groomed for the same pop stardom. But when her life track didn’t go as planned, Jennifer went through fifteen years of searching that brought her to a breaking point.

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous, bringing about changes for Jennifer and her career that would lead her into whole new realms of life, ministry, and warring for the souls of young girls through her show Bravehearted Girls.

In this powerful episode of The Song Revolution Podcast, Jennifer McGill shares:

  • What it was like to be chosen for the New Mickey Mouse Club and to stay on the show for seven seasons
  • Her journey from being a child star to surviving the trials of adulthood and finding her own identity after the show
  • Overcoming the comparison to former Mousketeers and discovering what “IT” is for her at this time in her life and career
  • How excellence has set her free to be who she is as a singer, songwriter, and artist
  • The mistakes that disconnected her from God and imprisoned her real expressions of love, music, or creativity and how she broke out by rededicating her life to Christ
  • Why the fight is worth it and why you MUST fight your way out of your desperation
  • What she learned in New York City and how God moved her on into new seasons of perspective as she let go of her own passions and will to succeed
  • Why you’re crazy to give up at 40…
  • Her ministry for tweens to teach them to fight fear through the show Freedom Fighters and how to develop prayer in their lives
  • Why “the power of us” is so important to her life and ministry as she’s overcome childhood bullying and now wants to share freedom from it with young girls
  • How we wrote the title song to her new full-length album “Unbreakable” releasing June 16th, 2017
  • What a “track guy” is in a co-writing session and how to write pop songs without one
  • Things she’s learned as a new co-writer in Nashville and how to do it well
  • The secret of “letting go of control” in order to write great songs
  • Why it’s not always about “who you know” that enlivens your spirit and inspires your songs
  • How to connect with Jennifer and her ministry
  • And much more!

You can connect with Jennifer on Facebook at Jennifer McGill Bohannon and at her official website, on Instagram @theJenniferMcGill, and on Twitter @theJennMcGill.

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John Chisum

John Chisum is a pioneer in the Christian music business, serving alongside people such as Bill & Gloria Gaither, Twila Paris, Paul Baloche, Don Moen, and many more. As President of Nashville Christian Songwriters, John seeks to empower Christian songwriters worldwide to discover and fulfill their call to write.

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