10 Benefits of Coaching & Mentorship for Songwriting Success

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Do you ever feel like you’ve got great songs locked up inside you with no way to get them out? Are you missing key songwriting skills and wondering how to get your songs out there?

Maybe it’s time you considered these 10 benefits of coaching & mentorship for songwriting success.

How Coaching Helps Songwriters

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as ‘partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.’”

It’s easy to jump on Youtube and find hundreds of hours of how-to-write-songs videos. But videos alone won’t bring songwriting success. You’ll find real growth quickly and easily when you engage a fully qualified song coach.

A great song coach is usually a music publisher or pro level songwriter, or someone experienced in professional music. Their job is to help you learn how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained so far in your songwriting journey. Using a coach can help you find greater depths of creativity and inspiration (think wisdom) for songwriting success.

Get unstuck creatively.

Song coaching is a vital step in “getting your songs out there.”

Coaching dramatically increases the quality of your songwriting. It helps you build the audience you want for your songs.

Here are 10 benefits of coaching & mentorship for songwriting success.

10 Benefits of Coaching for Songwriting Success

#1 – Cut the curve. One source revealed that coaching in the corporate world increased effectiveness between 500 – 800%. With a coach, you can cut the learning curve, too. Jump start your songwriting far ahead of where you would be on your own by engaging a creative song coach.

#2 – Save time and money. Investing in a coach may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it’s actually the smartest investment you can make to become a great songwriter. Coaching gives you the immediate feedback you need to get better faster. Don’t waste your time and money trying to learn it all on your own.

#3 – Increase your confidence. Confidence comes from mastering your songwriting. If you’re struggling to finish songs, coaching identifies root causes and helps you overcome the blockages holding you back. A lack of confidence indicates a lack of songwriting skills.

Confidence comes from coaching, just one of these 10 benefits of coaching & mentorship for songwriting success.

#4 – Find your real songwriting strengths. Odds are that you’re stronger in some areas of songwriting than in others. Coaching identifies your strengths quickly and helps you use them for songwriting success. No need to try to “fix” your weaknesses. It’s best to always play to your strengths to win more than ever.

Confidence comes from song coaching…

#5 – Get unstuck creatively. The term “writer’s block” is a catch-all phrase we use to describe feeling stuck and unable to produce creatively.

A strong coach will help you end writer’s block. You can learn to identify the physical, mental, and even spiritual blockages that are in your way. This sets you free to be prolific and to write at the highest possible levels.

#6 – Express your true voice. Having someone to walk with you through the creative process helps you express yourself at a much deeper level. There’s more inside you than you think. A coach helps you mine the depths of your creativity.

Immediate feedback about your words and melodies from a professional will immediately elevate your thoughts and creativity. This opens up your truest expressions of what you feel and believe. Songwriters often say, “I found my voice again” through NCS Coaching.

#7 – Reconnect with your first love of songwriting. Many songwriters first discovered their heart for songwriting in their early teens. A qualified song coach can reconnect you with this “first love” in powerful new ways. Going it on your own can be lonely and frustrating. A coach can help you recover the lost years when you were out of touch with your songwriting.

#8 – Add key songwriting skills. Song coaching will help you add missing songwriting skills and techniques standing between you and your songwriting success. You have passion and talent. Now is the time to add key songwriting skills you’ve missed along the way. Song coaching is the fastest and most effective way to find them.

Reconnect with your first love for songwriting.

#9 – Avoid lasting regrets. No passionate songwriter wants to regret missing their opportunity in life to become the best they can be at it. Apply yourself at a higher level through song coaching for better results.

God requires stewardship (Matthew 25) of our time, as well as of our money. Coaching is the best way to avoid letting even more time go by without stepping into the powerful songwriting you long for.

#10 – Fulfill your calling at the highest level. Perhaps the most obvious reason for song coaching is to help you make giant strides towards fulfilling your spiritual calling to write great songs for Jesus.

If you want a larger number of people loving your songs, coaching will accelerate the process. You can go from average to amazing in your songwriting to write truly great and long-lasting songs.

Anyone can put words to a tune and call it a song. But not all songs are great songs. Which do you want?

Is Song Coaching Right for You?

Song coaching is right for you if you want to add greater songwriting skills, increase your creative confidence, cut years off the learning curve, and learn how professional songwriters really do it.

As Christian songwriters, we have a higher responsibility to steward the gifts God has given us and to glorify Him with them to the greatest of our ability. If we’re investing in ourselves through song coaching, we’re going to have greater results and not waste our time and money.

Being aware of these 10 benefits of coaching & mentorship for songwriting success will put you farther down the road to reaching your goals, fulfilling your songwriting dreams, and seeing God get all the glory.

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  1. Dianne Clayton

    Thanks for the info.!! GOD BLESS!!!

  2. Donovan McCormick

    I have some songs I have written. My only problem is notation. Basically knowing whether it’s 4/4 time and so on.

    1. John Chisum

      Sometimes you don’t need notation – – just the words and melody are fine!

  3. Beverly Adams

    I have five albums and a sixth ready to put out there but no funds to do anything. One of my songs I shared with an artist in very rough form in accapella and he wanted it right away. Earlier in my life ( I’m a widow now) When I was doing folk songs, Joady Guthrie wanted to record my songs and give them to Pete Seeger but I didn’t do it because of not enough money to get home. Terrible mistake on my part. I need to be able to make a living with my songs but am conflicted about selling in the Temple so to speak.

    1. John Chisum

      Wow, Beverly! Such an interesting story and brush with greatness! God bless!

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