MEREDITH ANDREWS: The Heart Behind Her Music

Meredith Andrews has been in full time music and ministry for over a decade, and has learned that the accolades and exposure have meant very little compared to the joy of growing closer to Jesus by living a lifestyle of surrender.

Meredith’s new LIVE worship album “Faith and Wonder” is a beautiful journal entry and testimony of the goodness of God. Though her accolades and accomplishments are impressive, what’s even more amazing is her heart to serve Jesus and love selflesly.

Listen to “Faith and WONDER” wherever you get your music, and learn more about Meredith at https://meredithandrews.com!

The Song Revolution Podcast is dedicated to helping you grow as a songwriter and worshiper, so to take it to the ‘next level’, we will now be releasing our podcast on Mondays. Our goal is that this podcast is something for you to look forward to on your Mondays morning commute, workout, or new-week routine.

We are so excited to welcome Word Worship as a sponsor of this podcast! Meredith is associated with Word Worship, and we can’t wait to bring you more heavy hitting episodes with other amazing artists on their roster.

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