ANTONY BRUNO: Getting Paid for Your Music

“We are an online platform that connects creators with investors as a way of helping them raise money…”

In episode 67, John chats with Antony Bruno from Royalty Exchange. If there are two main areas that can be difficult for songwriters to navigate and understand, it’s royalties and finances. How do you make money as a songwriter? How do you keep everything organized so that you’re actually getting paid for the songs you write? Antony has a long history in the music business and gives some insight into what Royalty Exchange does to help songwriters, and what you can do to insure you get paid for the songs you create during your career.

“If the stock market crashes, the revenue created by royalties is not affected by that”

Here’s a brief overview from their website:

Artists turn to Royalty Exchange to raise money and take control of their financial future. We connect them with private investors through the world’s first online marketplace for buying and selling royalties. Creators love us because we give them a powerful new way to fund their career. Investors love us because we help them generate income that’s hard to beat. And our commitment to transparency and honesty ensures value for all.”

“You can make more money in different ways with song royalties now than you could in the past”

If you’d like to learn more and potentially work with Royalty Exchange, visit their website for more information –

“As a creator, you need to allow yourself the ability to say NO. Having your finances in order allows you to say NO to things”

Also be sure to check out John’s article below about his experience with Royalty Exchange in the early days of NCS.

“There’s a misconception that a lot of the motivation to leverage or sell royalties is out of some kind of desperation”

Some topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction // Antony Bruno of Royalty Exchange – 0:33
  • Antony Bruno’s background in the Music Industry – 3:15
  • What is Royalty Exchange? – 10:28
  • John’s Experience with Royalty Exchange – 12:15
  • The Role of Investors in Royalty Exchange – 15:10
  • Royalty Exchange’s Position in the Music Business – 23:02
  • Common Misconceptions around Leveraging or Selling Royalties – 27:06
  • Financial Freedom and Creativity – 30:35
  • What You Need to Work With Royalty Exchange – 35:15
  • Breaking Down the Process – 39:12
  • Wrap Up – 43:15

Read more about John’s experience with Royalty Exchange in this detailed article that he wrote for them titled, “Lessons From A Songwriter: Emotional Attachment vs. Financial Opportunity”

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