Missy Ducharme: NCS Songwriter of the Month

A passion for giving back and serving others is what inspires the music of our NCS Songwriter of the Month, Missy Ducharme. “It is an honor and a blessing to be able to share music that brings hope, joy, strength, and healing. It can help create some of your greatest memories and get you through some of the toughest times. I am truly grateful for this gift!”

The hit pop/rock band, One Republic, and Enterprise Rentals, selected Missy as one of three volunteers nationwide, who openly practice paying it forward through acts of kindness. Each of them were honored with an all-expense paid trip to sunny Palm Springs California for a private VIP concert with One Republic.

“They chose me because of my efforts singing at the bedsides of patients for Musicians On Call and Boston Children’s Hospital. I am completely blown away and truly grateful for the appreciation, but I really never expected anything like this in return for what I do. It is a blessing, just to be able to serve and bring some healing to others as I honor the memory of my daughter, Emma Rose.”

Missy could never have dreamed how God would use her loss to lead her into a life of ministry.

She grew up writing poems, but didn’t start writing songs until 12 years ago. Her songwriting journey began when her infant daughter, Emma Rose, passed away from a chromosomal disorder after multiple surgeries over several months. 

Through that difficult season, Missy was only allowed to hold her precious baby girl three times. However, as Missy sang songs over her, she witnessed a remarkable change in Emma Rose’s blood pressure, body movements, and in her facial expressions.  Missy’s gift of music ushered in a time of peace for her struggling daughter.

“After my daughter passed, I felt called to continue using music to bring healing and joy to others like her,” Missy said. She purposefully sought out opportunities to sing at the bedsides of hospitalized veterans and children. Once she was actively serving, she found an organization, that ministers in 21 states that also reaches patients in this unique way, called, Musicians On Call

Missy shared, “Music is a very powerful gift that I received through the loss of Emma. It allows me to encourage others with hope and lead them closer to God.” Her single “Rise” was written in honor of Emma Rose and can be found at bcharmedmusic.com.

Anybody can start songwriting at any time – don’t give up if it’s something you feel very strongly about.

missy ducharme

Missy first started writing country songs, then, she states, “Once I found Nashville Christian Songwriters, my perspective changed, and I felt more like myself than in any other genre.  I discovered that their focus and Christ-centered encouragement was very different than any other songwriting organization. It just felt like family there. My involvement and partnership with NCS has been a huge part of my development spiritually, and also as a songwriter.”

Missy’s life is very full – raising her daughter, Juliet, running her thriving business, Imagine This Day Spa, and traveling between her home in Rhode Island and her condo in Nashville.  In the midst of all of that, she performs many of her original songs to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital and Musicians On Call.  

NCS Vice President, Robert Till, has nothing but high praise for Missy, her music, ministry and charity work. “It’s remarkable to see how Missy didn’t merely sit and wait for opportunities.  Once she knew her purpose and call, she jumped in and used whatever she had to honor the Lord.  As a result, she has been blessed to raise and contribute thousands of dollars to benefit these meaningful charities she dearly loves.” 

Missy Ducharme is both beloved and respected at Boston Children’s Hospital, where she has served countless children through a live broadcast from the BCH Seacrest Studio“It’s still hard to believe that I have these opportunities to reach an entire hospital of hurting children and their families.  The Seacrest staff are wonderful to work with as they interview me and have me sing to everyone tuned in on TV and Radio”

Missy (pictured on right with fellow songwriter, Chantel Waltz) has attended the Song Revolution Workshop in Nashville four times and now serves as our Lead Volunteer Staff Coordinator for the events.  She has also successfully completed the 8-week online NCS Coaching experience and says, “Having been coached by NCS, I am both confident and excited that my songs can now communicate my heart in a much stronger way.”

When it comes to writing new music, Missy takes advantage of a lot of little moments to accomplish her songwriting. During her daily time with the Lord she reads the Bible and journals and then takes a moment to write. “I take 15 minutes to write something each day. It doesn’t have to be a whole song – just anything that God is calling me to write. I am often able to fit those pieces together later,” she shared. 

Anybody can start songwriting at any time – don’t give up if it’s something you feel very strongly about. NCS is great at keeping everybody in a Christian environment and treats everyone like family. I’ve closely observed John Chisum and Robert Till helping creative people grow, regardless of where they are in their songwriting journey.”

Visit  bcharmedmusic.com to hear Missy’s music and learn about her upcoming events.

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  1. Patricia Duchsru

    Very proud of my daughter Missy!
    She is beautiful inside and out. She shares her talent and her faith with those in need and I couldn’t be happier

  2. Peter Lamoria

    Such a wonderful thing to see young talent used to bring about good in the world. Missy is an inspiration to us all as to what can be done if you just have a generous heart. May God be praised and the message of Jesus’ healing and peace be proclaimed through such people as this through out the world! Good luck in future endeavors and ministry Missy.

  3. Uncle Paul

    Missy. Always new you would be and are the best of anything you do. A very strong person.
    Love you and Juliet. Uncle Paul and Auntie Di. XXOO

  4. Lawrence Keith Rubadou

    Missy, you are a light for sure! You truley reflect the Lord’s light through your spirit and your servants heart. May He continue to bless both you and your music both in this life, and in the life to come.

  5. Mike H.

    Your music and your story touches the heart.

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