3 Ways to Get Unstuck in Your Songwriting

Are you stuck in your songwriting? Have you suddenly realized that weeks, maybe months, have gone by since you even finished a song, much less felt happy about it? Does the phrase “writer’s block” instill fear in your heart? What would it look like if you had a way to turn it all around to find yourself writing more productively than ever before?

In this show, John Chisum gives you three strategies he’s used in his own writing to stay current with musical trends, to keep creativity at its fullest, and to stay inspired and never have writer’s block. In this episode, you’ll learn:

How to increase your song output immediately
Keys to kicking up your creativity every day
How to spot creativity “Vampires” and shut them down
The #1 sin of artists and how to avoid it
The importance of falling in love with music again
Why surrender isn’t passivity
How to never write on empty again

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