LION & BEAR: Finding Beauty In Brokeness

BEC Recordings’ artists Andrew Enos and Michael Landingham (“Lion & Bear”) have suffered more than their fair share of loss and tragedies. The young California natives, actual brothers-in-law, have adopted the theme of lament for their music. And rightly so. 

Michael and his wife lost their twin sons within days of their birth. It was their first pregnancy. Then Andrew and his wife lost a son to stillbirth. Michael’s sister later lost her battle with cancer and Michael, a worship leader, found himself caught up in an alcohol addiction that was only broken as God brought new music, and new opportunities, to the duo.

In this powerful conversation with John Chisum, they discuss how the unusual blend of grieving and creativity brought them together to begin their band named after the two animals David slew before conquering the giant Goliath. Michael, through tears, texted a poignant verse and chorus recorded on his cell phone to Andrew that became the catalyst of their first single “Held By Your Love.” 

“There’s just nothing that can prepare you to be holding your lifeless child, but I think there are beautiful things that come from tragedy,” says Andrew. Showcasing the heart of both a lion and a bear, the duo’s self-titled debut from BEC Recordings serves as a fitting introduction to the pair’s experimental sonics, boundless creativity, and thoughtful lyricism, revealing they’re not afraid to wade into the pain with people.

“Lion & Bear bring a fresh sound and message to the BEC Recordings roster,” says Brian Ortize, BEC’s A&R Director. “Not only is the music powerful and emotional, but there is personal story of hope and healing behind every lyric.”

Andrew and Michael’s belief that “lament and comfort can exist in the same song” is echoed in every track. Every listener will find healing and comfort for their own distress and loss. Listening to the music of Lion and Bear feels like tapping into the heart of the psalms, those sometimes agonizing laments and exclamations of sorrow mingled with hope and praise. 

Host John Chisum says of the interview, “The band is new, but the depth of these guys is amazing. Our conversation was all about how the pain is real, yet, somehow on the other side of it all, God shows you that He’s been with you in it all along. He’s big enough to receive your lament in the hard times and your songs of praise in the good times.”

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  1. carol moore

    No matter what we go through in life, the sorrow, the grief and pain, we know that God is a good good father, and never is the cause of hurt and harm. We live in a fallen world, in which the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. Jesus is our savior, healer, deliverer and redeemer!

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