Why Should I Pay for Song Coaching?

One of the most common questions aspiring Christian songwriters ask is, “Why should I pay for song coaching? Doesn’t God just give me my songs?”

Here are a few thoughts to consider if you want to excel as a Christian songwriter.


We’ve spoken with thousands of aspiring writers through the years who feel a “calling” to write at a high level for Jesus. The vast majority who contact us ask the same question, “Am I good enough to make it?” But that’s the wrong question, actually. The right question is, “Are you called enough to invest in yourself, your songwriting, and your potential audience?”

Truth is, maybe one in a million untrained songwriters have developed their skills to the point of competing in the professional music space. When they are considering getting training, often the financial investment required doesn’t make sense to them. In their minds, God is just “downloading songs” to them. They don’t understand that their effectiveness as a songwriter is tied more to skills than inspiration.

Every calling from God requires something of us to follow it. Time, money, prayer, and lots of hard work are required whether we’re called to be missionaries, bankers, or Christian songwriters if we want to be highly successful.


Following that same line of thought, every athlete knows the value of training and of having a coach. Coaches bring out gifts and talents we don’t know we have. They can see the strengths and weaknesses. They have an objectivity we don’t about our performance. They also have expertise that we lack they call on to help us reach our goals.

Song coaching is no different. It’s a very crowded music marketplace with hundreds of thousands of songs released each day on all the streaming outlets. There are millions of songs on Spotify that have no listens, not even one. Just like the athlete or any high level performer, coaching is an essential element for getting noticed above the crowd.

While there’s no guarantee song coaching will garner thousands of listens and likes on Spotify, the odds are much greater you’ll never see much response without it. The investment you make for coaching is far outweighed by the satisfaction of building the audience you feel God has called you to reach.


We’ve all heard the age-old story about the aspiring songwriter moving to Nashville and rubbing shoulders with industry pros at just the right time. They get their “shot” to play a demo and they’re immediately thrust into fame and riches when their song gets cut and goes platinum. Ok, maybe you heard a different story, but all the same – you don’t have to move to Nashville to be a successful songwriter anymore.

There are people all across the country (and the globe) making music and finding success in streaming, radio, youtube, etc every day. It’s the digital age and we’re all connected through the internet, so location really isn’t the priority anymore.

That being said, our team (specifically our founder and president) has been hitting the streets in Nashville for over 40 years and really made his way through the masses in the early days to land a publishing deal and ride the ranks of the music biz. That’s over 4 decades of writing songs, building relationships, and navigating this thing that we call the music industry. If you totaled up the value from John’s career alone (not to mention the rest of our team), we wouldn’t be able to put a price on that amount of insight and equity in the craft of songwriting.

When you’re trying to accomplish a God-sized dream, there will always be a big investment, and if you have a few decades to learn some of the mistakes and pitfalls of becoming a successful songwriter for yourself, then by all means, go for it! If you don’t, we pack ALL of this knowledge into our flagship coaching program that has been helping songwriters break through the noise and write their best songs for the past 8+ years.


At this point, over 300 aspiring Christian songwriters have participated in our eight-week online NCS Pro Song Mastery coaching experience. This group program has helped bring out their best and helped them level up to a more professional understanding and practice of professional Christian songwriting.

Led by Christian songwriting veteran, John Chisum, the experience is much more than a course. Built on his 40+ years of professional songwriting and publishing success with over 400 of his own compositions recorded to date, each participant is personally mentored and coached by John with a depth of expertise hard to find in the song coaching space.

Meeting one night per week on Zoom, John and his team personally lead you through his 12-hour training video series, The Songbuilders Blueprint, and works with you one on one to understand more about your overall songwriting process from inspiration to polished product ready for public release. There’s no other program that gives you such personal access to a seasoned music publisher who knows the industry so intimately and who can guide you to songwriting successes.

More benefits to this vital training:

Get real songwriting skills – stop writing from intuition only

End the frustration of unfinished songs

Lose all confusion about how pro-level songwriting works

Gain strength and confidence in your communication skills on every level

Be heard by a professional Christian music publisher

Go from wishing to doing – take real steps to fulfill your calling

Grow spiritually and intellectually through this educational experience


Only you and God know what’s right for you. Never give up on the songs you feel inspired to write. But maybe it’s time to consider getting help. Any time, money, or effort you put into your craft is an investment not only in yourself, but in your potential audience and the kingdom of God. This is about more than you. In the end, it’s about what God is inspiring you to do with your life and the time you have left this side of heaven.

If you want to find out if NCS Pro Song Mastery is your next right step, set up a quick (and free) songwriting breakthrough call with us today by clicking HERE or in the footer at the bottom of this page. This is a no-obligation call. You will not be pressured into our program. We simply want to hear what God is up to in your life and discern together if we’re called to walk alongside you to help you do all that He’s put in your heart.

May 2024 be your breakthrough songwriting year!

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