MATTHEW WEST: Hitting the Reset Button

The 5-time Grammy nominee, Matthew West, is hitting the reset button! Matthew is in a brand new season of leadership with younger artists and producers. This flood of productivity has come after a self-described “desert season” that has finally come to an end.

With a whole new attitude and new young producers, Matthew has crafted a fresh sound on his new album, Brand New, co-produced with 20-something producer/keyboardist A.J. Pruis. Along with a new podcast, there’s a new studio, and his brand new Story House Music record label with Provident Label Group

If you’re already a fan of Matthew West and his songs like, “Hello My Name Is,” “Do Something,” “Grace Wins,” “Mended,” and his early 2020 Covid-inspired hit single, “Take Heart,” you’ll love this up-close-and-personal interview with show host John Chisum.

John digs into what’s most important to Matthew at this point in his long career and how he’s paying it forward by encouraging and mentoring a younger generation. Matthew shares candidly about the moment he realized that his story wasn’t as important, or as interesting, as the thousands of tragic stories his fans were sharing with him and how he’s turning the microphone around to the crowd more than ever through his ministry called “popwe nation.”

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