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3 Ways to Write Your Best Songs in 2022

Take control of your songwriting in this New Year… here are three ways to get you started! I’m always super positive and hopeful at the beginning of each calendar year. There’s just something fresh for me in January that feels like a blank slate. Each New Year feels like a

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Why the World Needs One More Christmas Song

…and why YOU need to write it! Ahhhh, the sounds of Christmas…. the ubiquitous Salvation Army Santa outside of Walmarts and Best Buys with that annoying little bell clanging till you give him a buck just to make him stop, but he never does… The bustle of shoppers and imaginary

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Three Ways to Make More Time for Your Songwriting

Are you struggling to find enough time to write? Is everything else in your life crowding out the one thing you want to do the most? Here are three quick ways to make more time for your songwriting, starting today. #1 Approach your songwriting as worship. Just like praying or

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John Chisum Single Cover

John Chisum Releases New Worship Single with NCS Songwriter, Tamera Perry

Nashville Christian Songwriters (NCS) President and Founder, John Chisum, has announced that he is releasing a new worship single this week entitled “How Great.” The release comes after a significant hiatus from releasing original material. Chisum, a well-published songwriter and worship leader in the 1990’s with Integrity Music, is best

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3 Ways to Grow Towards Success in the Christian Music Business

Getting your songs “out there” I received a snarky email the other day that made me sad for a minute. Here’s what happened. I send out a lot of value-oriented content to our email community. Often I’ll invite our followers to consider joining our 8-week online NCS Coaching program, a

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The #1 Struggle Christian Songwriters Face

The #1 Struggle Christian Songwriters Face Songwriters struggle with a lot of things. Whether it’s writer’s block, discouragement, lack of ideas, needing more skills, or even loneliness, the artistic journey of songwriting isn’t always easy. But I’d say that the #1 challenge songwriters struggle with is a sense of their

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3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Songwriting Motivation

Wanting to write a song, but having trouble getting motivated?  Try these three simple fixes to jumpstart your soul into greater creativity and output. Photo by Hailey Reed on Unsplash I recently subscribed to an app called WeCroak. Its website says, “The WeCroak app is inspired by a Bhutanese folk

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Why Should I Pay for Song Coaching?

One of the most common questions aspiring Christian songwriters ask is, “Why should I pay for song coaching? Doesn’t God just give me my songs?” Here are a few thoughts to consider if you want to excel as a Christian songwriter. ARE YOU CALLED TO WRITE AT A HIGHER LEVEL?

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New Year, New Songwriting

Take action now to make sure that 2024 is your breakthrough songwriting year! Have you ever heard that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results? That’s the way a lot of Christian songwriters get frustrated and even quit–they just don’t have the insight

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Writing from Your Personal Testimony

I came to Christ out of a broken childhood people now call “dysfunctional.” But, for us, it was just life in the turbulent 1960’s and ‘70’s. We didn’t know someone would eventually give a special name to what we were living through, but somehow Jesus intervened in my life. I

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Writing from the Word

One of the first Christian worship songs I remember being written directly out of the Word is Karen Lafferty’s “Seek Ye First.” It’s a classic song that’s known around the world and it’s still being sung by millions of people today. But writing from the Word of God is nothing

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Writing from a Rich Inner Life

One of the most common myths about Christian songwriting is that, if you just learn enough tips, tricks, and hacks, you can somehow bypass the hard work of learning how to craft powerful songs people will love. I believe that tips and tricks are no substitute for having a rich

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Many Christian Songwriters Think This (But They’re Wrong)

Many Christian songwriters think that if they’re proclaiming truth in their songs that everyone should like them…. but that’s not always true. People won’t love your songs just because you love Jesus. People won’t love your songs just because you quote the Bible. People won’t love your songs just because you

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